Dear DIYer,

We'd like to enroll several trail user to field test our L1/L2 RTK system. if you are experienced to integrate the RTK GPS into your system. please drop me a line. we will offer you an opportunity to test our new RTK system

it can do:

centimeter 3D positioning in open sky or half open sky.

can track 190 channel

can track gps l1/l2, glonass g1, beidou b1/b2 signal. more robust and tolerant to signal interference.



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I'm also interested in testing the L1/L2 RTK system here in Central Europe. GNSS systems are my hobby for over 25 years.


Certified Photogrammetrist, 30+ years experience large scale aerotriangulation/mapping, land survey, datums, projections, scaling, and lots of other things that could sound smart. Working with 3DR stuff couple years, 333 exemption on file, had company get an X8+, and we're surveying some points into the parking lot. Need to look smart again.

In all seriousness, looking at reduction in ground control versus ABGPS.


Hi Tersus Team,

I am also very interested in this. I have done custom GNSS HW designs before. I am based in Denmark, capital area.



I am located in San Diego, US.  I would like to provide any help you want.  I am an experienced mobil, GPS receiver and LBS developer.



Hi Tersus_Team,

I've been exploring and experimenting with other RTK implementations and I'm very interested to test this out. 

I have quads, hexas and several different fixed wings to test them on.

let me know the details. also tried to PM you this message with my contact but I guess we're not friends yet. :)


If your still need more people for field test I'd love to help. My company resides in Sweden and I currently use Swift-Nav RTK systems on land based system.

I also fly profession big octa copter and planes

You find me at: anwi at telia dot com

Mr Anders Wikstrom


I will be interested on testing an rtk solution.

Please feel free to contact me at



Hi Tersus,

We are available to testing this system.

Just PM me.



I'm avaliable to test it. 9 years of experience. I'm from Rio, Brazil.  Experienced open-source integrator. 4 years developing frames with arducopter ( apm and pixhawk ). 

Feel free to contact me tabascoz at gmail

Hi Tersus

Could be also interested to test your L1/L2 GPS equipment. I have already build cheap L1 only with Ublox M8N system for RTK and post treatment, but will consider the L1+ L2 difference. 

Located in France

Hello Winston,

I am new to the DIY Drone site but been around a while in the industry. I am active in other communities as well. I saw your post regarding the research and development of your L1/L2 RTK system. I would love to take part in the trial and try to assist in any way you feel is useful. This is perfect for me because it involves my passion, interest and I have the equipment already in my arsenal of drones so I can be up and running with your kit in short order.

If you're looking for another candidate to help test the L1/L2 TRK system and you want to ensure you get useful, feedback that can be used to further develop your product than I am your guy. I work in R&D for a pretty well-known Technology Company (Dassault Systemes - Simulia Corp)

a href="">>   so my ability to provide useful feedback may be

useful to you if you are still looking for candidates. I have worked with other UAV guys throughout the industry on similar projects where we were asked to provide feedback relating to the overall user experience, usability, technical aspects and much more granular feedback as well. What's most important is that you are able to walk away from this project with useful data that somehow catapults you ahead in some way you haven't even considered yet as well as helping you discern your predetermined data points.

Any project I contribute to gets the same level of commitment no matter how big or small and I can provide the time that it takes to be as detailed as you need me to be regarding documentation, periodic data uploads, ect. Ect.

That isn't a problem at all for me. It's what I do anyway.  My goal is to help ypu get the feedback you need however you feel you need me.

The reward is access to the new technology which is great for me because I stay sharp and current as well as furthering the industry into what I think it can be some day.

The problem we have like many others is access to take GCP's.

We work extensively on saltmarsh and mudflats so you can imagine how this tech would be a game changer.


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