Dear DIYer,

We'd like to enroll several trail user to field test our L1/L2 RTK system. if you are experienced to integrate the RTK GPS into your system. please drop me a line. we will offer you an opportunity to test our new RTK system

it can do:

centimeter 3D positioning in open sky or half open sky.

can track 190 channel

can track gps l1/l2, glonass g1, beidou b1/b2 signal. more robust and tolerant to signal interference.



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Hi, Haydar,

Great, I will send you email to follow up.



Sure, Michael.

I will email you to follow up.



Hi, Llia,

I will email you to follow up.



Hi, all,

Back from holidays:)

it's so good to have your interests to test the system.  so our team will email you all the details to follow up. certainly there will be some pre-requisite to participate in the program. otherwise our team will be overwhelmed by supporting the tests ongoing.

once we have finished selecting our trail users. We will send out the boards as soon as possible.

stay tune....



Hi Tersus_Team

We would really like to test your GPS system, even if it means paying some monies for it. Like I have mentioned earlier is that fixing Ground Control Points takes up more time in our Surveys than anything else. The last survey that we did was high up in the fix the GCP took us 3 weeks, whereas the flying took us 2 days!

Kind Regards



I am excited to have stumbled on to this forum. I am a Senior Standardization Operator with a UAS and Systems integration company and I would welcome an opportunity to test your system. Please email me at,

We have a precision automonus navigation project underway for snow grooming equipment used in the ski resort industry (20,000lb tracked over snow vehicles). Would be a great test for your system.

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