Looking at getting my first retractable landing skids & was wondering what happens if say RTL was fired, would they automatically go to the downward position?

Is there a parameter anywhere that could make skids go down below a certain altitude?

Thanks in advance

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I'd like to know this too, just about to build my second quad effort with retracts.  When landing with apm copter it goes down to a certain altitude (10m: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/land-mode/) at the regular WPNAV_SPEED_DN speed, then when it hits this threshold it reduces to LAND_SPEED.  It would be awesome if there was an option to trigger the retracts (or a channel option) when this 10m threshold is reached.

This would cover RTL as well, but it might be a nice idea to trigger the retracts as soon as RTL invokes, this would be a good visual indicator the RTL has kicked in.

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