I am a Developer/Network Engineer looking to design a VB .net app that can control a airplane little like a flight sim.  Right now I dont want the camera to move around it is going to be static in the cockpit just like a pilot view.  I would also like to keep this under $500 but will go to $700 for the right gear..   Later on I would like to add UAV chip to my setup but for now here is what I am looking at.. 


What I have so far:

  • USB capture card that imports the live video to VB .net
  • Cheap Camera using 2.4 tx/rx
  • VB.net app will capture the live video and save a wav file
  • VB.net accepting my saitek joystick (usb)

Planning on buying:

What I want or think I need, was hoping for some pointers here: 

  • OSD..  This is a must, of some short that is
  • Radio is a big question what radio should i get?  I want a 72MHz
    • Futaba 7CAF 7-Channel $250
    • Spektrum DX7 $299
  • Transmitter Interface
    • PCTx $50 (I am writing my own VB.net App)
    • Milehighwings $40 (emailing them for VB.net support)
  • Upgrade Camera and Wireless
    • Camera CMOS CM-26N $32
    • LM 1000mW 1.2Ghz Combo $135

So what do you think am i looking in the right direction?  By the way once I get the code working I will make it open source for anyone else..



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Hello Tuska,
Are you thinking about something like this:




If you don't yet have a radio yet, am I correct in assuming you are not an experienced RC pilot?  If so, then start there first. What you are proposing should work, unless there is a latency issue with the PC end. I would definitely have a safety pilot on the main Tx with your setup going to the trainer input. If you all ready know this then I was wrong. If you have never flown RC and think this my be a way to do it, then you are wrong.



@Martin Yes and integrating the stick controls and video, a little like a Air Force UAV.
I have a e-flite helicopter and a aerobird plane, and yes I know about the trainer port.  Just looking to set up my hobby a little and go to the next step.  What I really want to do is control everything from the laptop.  Make this look a little like a flight sim.
I have a remzibi osd if you want , never used.
Aerobird just doesn't cut it as test pilot time. I still think you need some more experience, imho.
Totally agree.. 

That sounds like a great project, If you have not done so already I would take a look at the GCS's that are being developed, I like the look of Happy Killmore's GCS.


What plane(s) are you looking to get to start the ball rolling?



Send me a email..

I did look at that project for the UAV part, didnt know if i could control the whole flight via that GCS.  I see the first person is included but what about the stick control?



I believe at this time it is only one way telemetry, however I understand it will be two way with the next release of APM, it will not do what you want at this time, however if you were to use the kit I linked to earlier in this thread I think you will be almost there. Just thinking you may save yourself a little work. HK's GCS looks to be very close to where you want to be. I think your project is very interesting and can't wait to see it developed.

HI Chris, I am developing a similar project although I capture the video to a standalone screen and DVR. Mine is written in vb2010 but most of it should compile in vb.net, you are welcome to a copy of the source if you like. Although not the best written code it flies okay and there may be some parts of the code you code tear out and use in your project. There is a photo of the old version on my profile page along with a description of what it does and also a video which shows that latency (i.e last second climb over the fence) isn't really an issue so long as your not stunt flying.




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