I am a Developer/Network Engineer looking to design a VB .net app that can control a airplane little like a flight sim.  Right now I dont want the camera to move around it is going to be static in the cockpit just like a pilot view.  I would also like to keep this under $500 but will go to $700 for the right gear..   Later on I would like to add UAV chip to my setup but for now here is what I am looking at.. 


What I have so far:

  • USB capture card that imports the live video to VB .net
  • Cheap Camera using 2.4 tx/rx
  • VB.net app will capture the live video and save a wav file
  • VB.net accepting my saitek joystick (usb)

Planning on buying:

What I want or think I need, was hoping for some pointers here: 

  • OSD..  This is a must, of some short that is
  • Radio is a big question what radio should i get?  I want a 72MHz
    • Futaba 7CAF 7-Channel $250
    • Spektrum DX7 $299
  • Transmitter Interface
    • PCTx $50 (I am writing my own VB.net App)
    • Milehighwings $40 (emailing them for VB.net support)
  • Upgrade Camera and Wireless
    • Camera CMOS CM-26N $32
    • LM 1000mW 1.2Ghz Combo $135

So what do you think am i looking in the right direction?  By the way once I get the code working I will make it open source for anyone else..



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My goal is to use vb2010 with .NET 4.0, so that would be great thanks.
No probs, Here you go.
Chris and James. I am working on the Joystick input through my GCS as well... I think MAVlink is the way the APM is going to handle it.
and I was thinking it would be cool to add joystick operations to your GCS..

Any thoughts on Force Feedback support? I remember reading online somewhere (mind blank) about one that uses the logitech ffb joystick and an onboard 2ax gyro.

This is the one I was thinking of. though its pretty expensive... but our apm/imu/xbee/GS should be able to ouput the same info to control the ff effects... yes/no? thoughts :)


GCS force feedback

On you tube there are some interesting videos of people using these force feedback joysticks this one shows the GCS at work, it would be great to see your GCS have this function HK.
It's a possibility. I'm concerned about lag...but we'll see soon enough.

Not to bump an old thread, but...

Hey HK, I've been noticing alot of work being done for rc input over mavlink (translated roughly to joystick) in the svn and in the forums; combined with feedback simulation potentialy being mixed on the gcs side, (if you catch my drift). I would love to see APM-Mavlink on gcs added to the joystick drop down list... Is there anything I do to assist you or at least nudge you into that aspect of APM integration... I'm not interested in doing snap rolls at low altitude if thats the lag your talking about... :)

Yes, it's on my to-do list. I need to get the waypoint stuff working on APM-MAVlink first... then the joystick should be no problem. I also need to add a way to set trim values in the joystick calibration.

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