Hello Everyone,

I have for sale 6 motor/esc combos. The motors are the larger motors from DIYDrones at 880 kV. Associated with that are the DIYDrones ESC units. They are all in working order. Looking for $40 per motor/esc pair. Willing to ship anywhere CONUS and will use USPS flat rate priority shipping which means should arrive in 2 to 3 days. Only accepting PayPal. Please reply if interested or send me a PM.

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Any interest....???

Price lowered to $30 per pair. Any interest please message me...

Do you have pictures? Any idea how many flights are on them? 

I can get some pictures later this evening after work for you if you would like. The motors are all in great shape. I purchased the units new a little while ago from DIYDrones for my thesis project and demonstrated my control scheme on a multirotor and then they've just been sitting since. Bullets and associated deans connectors are all still attached and will remain that way for sale. All the cables are of original length from purchase and not cut shorter. I believe I have a handful of flights on them...maybe 6 or so. They have not seen ANY crashes. Any further questions let me know.

Here are links to the jdrones versions....but mine are the DIYdrones version before they went with the black ones. Mine are the gold motors.


Well I am interested but no promises at this point. I am trying to sell some other RC stuff to fund a quad/hex and it ain't going as well as I thought. Send pics when you get a chance and I will definitely be in touch when my stuff sells to see if you still have them.

Attached are some photos of the motors and ESCs.


I have attached some photos. Please see my reply to my post in the forum. Let me know when you are interested. If the post here hasnt been marked as sold then I am sure they are still available.

I've ended up with a quad already fitted with motors and ESC's so I am no longer in the market. I'm sure the pics may help with other potential buyers as well though. 

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