Hi Everyone,

Im pretty sure it cant be done but I thought i would put it out there anyway.  The boat is a 20-30ft fishing boat that will be out in open waters off the coast by about a mile or so. I am expecting the boat to be moving around a bit.

I have tried to simulate this by holding my tricopter in my hand and moving it a bit whilst plugging the battery in and arming it. It didnt go well. it wanted to be at about 90 degrees if i had let go.

Has anyone got any experience with this or have any thoughts on it.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Oh yeh, also any news on ppm channel asigning for jr users. http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/frsky-ppm-setup-help-required-ple...


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Yup, that works well. I launch from the deck of my Kayak as I said in my initial reply to Alex. When I am on rapid waterways, I will launch by hand. My frames are enclosed with depron custom-made frame covers. Looks a lot like a phantom body but its super-light weighs nothing and keep the water spray and mist off the gear. Not 100 % dunk proof, but I do not intend to water land :)

That's OK, my work here is done, you have now made yourself sufficiently transparent to even brand new folks who might otherwise be at risk of injury.

Floats are cool, but you'll take a bit of a performance hit aside from the weight because of their necessarily being at least partially in the prop airstreams and from wind effects/drag during flight. So keep an eye on power consumption. I'm planning some AP in a local estuary and will use floats even when flying from shore, mainly so not to worry about sinking my hex. Also plan to extend my GoPro H3 downward about six inches below "ground level" on a simple stick mount and take some underwater shots, just for fun.   

hanging the GoPro for underwater is a COOL idea, I'm going to have to do that.

Great! glad your work here is done Oliver. Now can we get back to the OP's original discussion, thanks!

I have a pal I built a quad for that scouts where the fish are to catch by hanging his gopro under water. We got the idea from this great vid....

Brilliant company making very stylish carbon fibre uads and more.


The DJI Edsel LOL! Phantom got it's design from this US made quad imo,

Thats neat! I remember a youtube video where a guy created a quad frame out of I believe Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass and its completely waterproof. He took off from the water with a gopro actually under the belly of the frame. It was completely submerged and he could even fly it near the water and under the water like a boat when it was floating on the surface of the water. I will try to locate it, it was a neat quad frame. I believe he sells them now too....

Its a us company, they sell them as kits or frame only, and they are submersion proof for a small moment, cant dig up the company name now as I am at work, but some google-fu should find them. Aquacopter maybe or something like that...

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