LEA-6H connected to RcTimer AIOP V2.0 gives interference on acc and gyro.

I've bought RcTimer Crius AIOP V2.0 and RcTimer LEA-6H with mag.

I use ArduPlane V2.76 firmware for board.

When i connect GPS to board all goes well until i've got 3d fix. Acc and gyro going crazy when GPS Fix is 3d. Not rotating all around axes, but moves by random within significant value.

I'm not touching plane. Just covering GPS antenna by hand from distance to decrease visible sats count.

Plane is standing on windowsill, so signal is not so strength.

I've tried to pover GPS from external BEC. No changes. Mag is not connected.

I've also have MTK3329. Board is working with it, but it not so good as LEA-6H. And it often cant fix.

Where you think problem may be?

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Strange, check your APM for a blown regulator? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q6jjha5rgU

Why are you using such an ancient firmware?

Thank you for your answer. At first i've thinked taht it is it! I've measured i2c and got 5v. But then i googled and found that i2c on rctimer aiop outputs 5v. I can't find 3.3v road on board to test 3.3v. But i think that it is ok. My hud movements are much smaller. And absolutley no movement when gps disconnected or has no 3d fix.

Is there a newer version of ArduPlane? I've got it from here: https://github.com/smurfy/ardupilot-mpng and it is a latest version except "mpng_ArduPlane-2.78b_defunct". May be there is other fork with greater version?

Oh I didn't realise you had a pixhawk or px4, I don't think they suffer from the regulator weakness. Sorry can't think of a cause to your issue.

As for the version, I'm flying 3.2 on everything. Use Mission Planner to load the firmware.



Unfortunately I have Crius AIOP with MegaPirateNg installed. But i'm tired of all this bugs and ordered pixhawk yesterday. Now i'm waiting for the package :)
I think that my Mega2560 is damaged. There is an error in verification when uploading trough avrdude. FlashTool uploading and verifying, but i don't believe it :)

I use an rctimer fixhawk, no problems except sticky sdcard slot.


Take the plane outside and it will stop. They move around as soon as you get GPS inside. If you go outside and get a proper lock this will stop.



Hello, Andreas.

Unfortunately it is moving outside too :(

The Vital,

You unfortunately have a different problem.

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