I have got a Pixhawk Flight controller board. All I am looking further is to use simulation with Pixhawk. I no nothing about Gazebo or any other simulation.
I want to learn simulation with Pixhawk. Can anyone help me out with where to start from and with some videos or webinars?
I just have Pixhawk. Please let me know what are all the others hardware required for this learning.
Even your introduction about gazebo or Pixhawk supporting simulation software will be helpful.

Please help.

Thank you

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Thanks for the suggestion. 
I have already checked that page. It gives much information about simulation and all but still something is missing like, the examples of what are all the things can be done. What are all the euipments required for simulation along with Pixhawk and there comes a basic question of "how to make a computer model of a vehicle?" Does the last one mean that we need to create a 3D design? 

I am new to this, so need some basic guidance. 

Note - I have a Pixhawk set but I do not have a drone. I have a plan to purchase a couple of frames. but if its not necessary for simulation, I would like to purchase it on a later date. 

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