Legal Power Limit for 5.8Ghz Transmitter

Hey Everyone, 

I have been reading this site for quite some time now and I was searching around for this info with out any luck. Our school UAV team is looking to add a 5.8Ghz real time video system to our UAV and are going for a range of a few miles. We are lucky to have to the funding to invest in a good camera for our plane but we are confused by the FCC rules. 

According to the FCC 15.249...

Fundamental frequency Field strength of fundamental (millivolts/meter)   
Field strength of harmonics (microvolts/meter)
902-928 MHz 50 500
2400-2483.5 MHz 50 500
5725-5875 MHz 50 500
24.0-24.25 GHz 250 2500

We want to use this plane in competitions and might even eventually have a camera switching system to switch between infrared and our FPV. We haven't decided on a camera yet but we are looking at 5.8Ghz so we don't interfere with our radio system. What I'm not sure of, is how those millivolts/meter or microvolts/meter relate to a watt rating for a 5.8Ghz reciever and transmitter. Thanks so much for any help! Also I am open to any suggestions on a quality camera system (some of the guys in the group are talking about modifying it to work with an GoPro HD but I'd rather have a camera dedicated to FPV).

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  • This is a great question, one I need to find an answer for as well.

    If you are working to stay completely legal, I don't think your allowed to use anything without an FCC ID unless you have a HAM operators license, then you are bound by the above limits. 

    This is from my VERY LIMITED understand, if anyone can provide a better more verbose response please do!

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