It looks like quite a few people are having problems with GPS modes during the last few weeks. We know about the GPS issues, but I'm not sure that's the end of the story.

Example: my HDOP is at 1.55, and still, loiter doesn't hold. After a few seconds (3-10) my tricopter starts heading off to some direction...

Compass/radio/accel are calibrated. GPS is above everything on the copter except FPV antenna. When I throttle up compass delines 0-1 degrees only. STAB and ALT_HOLD work perfectly.



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OH and by the way, others also get the GCS errors... I don't have telemetry so wth?
I solved this. It was the GPS settings. I had modified them using uBlox center, to select EGNOS, for use in Europe.

I reloaded the 3DR script as-is and loiter and RTL are working great!

Replying to myself again, for future reference of others:

The first 3 errors (GCS related) are "normal". At least, many users experience them so I won't worry too much right now...

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