Lets make twin drive happen

First of all - I've maidened my hex yesterday and all I can say is - Thank you to all involved in this project.

I'm new to unmanned control and Arduino and coding but here goes.

My interest lies in a tank type (skid steer, twin drive, etc) base frame, I've been searching the net ( here and all over) for a while now and realized that people asking these type of questions usually does not get any or very little response accept maybe "good luck".

What I also realised is that 99% of what we need does lie in this projects coding somewhere - if I only knew where to look.

Here is what I think:

1) Using and arming of brushless esc's and motors - already in arducopter code

2) Mixing (like v-tail mix) - not sure if its supporded by arduplane, could be like ailerons or banking in arducopter.

With this I believe we could start building and the next could also be nice:

1) Mission planning - already in ardurover

2) Geofencing - already in arducopter

If anybody is busy with this or got it done please point me in the right direction.

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    The latest ArduRover2 v2.30 alpha code now supports twin drive (skid steering). Check the ArduRover User Group Comment Wall for the latest code.



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Aug 31
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