Sorry to keep getting an answer for this but I am trying to get info as to combining Lidar with Drones and to see if their is any kit or pre-built out there that does this.Thermal Imaging would be an added bonus.

Thanks for your feedback.

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No.  Nobody here uses lidar, 3DR doesn't make a lidar, and there are no commercial lidar solutions under $2k.

I've seen one post from someone using some sort of commercial lidar.  If you use the search feature you can probably find it.

All the lidar information on this forum will come up here...

Why does no one use lidar here? Is it the expense or is it something else.Microdrones seems to have cracked a lot of the issues I am interested in dealing with. I did see a kick-starter for a cheap Lidar. Perhaps some people here would be interested in pursuing that?

Too heavy, too expensive, needs a lot of CPU power. Maybe in a few years it will reach usability, especially with CPU power + SLAM.

Like Cliff said.

What are you actually trying to do?  In most cases there's no point to lidar and/or better solutions through sonar, barometric altitude, etc..

Someday I'll get into machine vision (stereoscopic 3D) if nobody beats me to it.  It's cheaper and way more powerful.  Lidar is a dead end I think.

I am trying to do this..actually something more commercial but think historic recreation of various buildings and sculptures and monuments.

I am looking at some pretty heavy camera setups and have to think that the way the whole drone explosion has been going this will be do-able soon. I sure hope so.

You want a machine vision solution then.  Lidar isn't going to work well enough for that.

Why wouldn't Lidar work for that and why is Machine Vision better. If so why isn't that used by say CyArk and in Visual FX to scan point clouds and recreate both geo and texture? Sorry if I am missing something. I am not too familiar with Machine Vision.

I've never seen a lidar system with the resolution and range you would need.  Even once you have the lidar data you still have to take photographs and map them onto the mesh.

Stereoscopic machine vision does all this at once.  Using two linked cameras you get a dual photo stream which the spatial data is computed from.

Lidar is going to be sensitive to movement and you'd need an ultra-high scan speed or need to be stationary.

The lidar units you're talking about are really expensive, heavy, need a lot of power, and need to be stationary. 

Andrew, it has been demonstrated that photogrammetry based on aerial photos from uav's & compact cameras can provide pointclouds of equal or better resolution/accuracy then traditional lidar.

Try google eg "apero micmac lidar"

How and who has demonstrated..any empirical evidence for lidar vs photogrammetry?

Any technical papers?

Thanks appreciate the comments and would love to read actual studies.

LIDAR & Drones Revolutionizing Archaeology

Source: Spiegel Online

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