Sorry to keep getting an answer for this but I am trying to get info as to combining Lidar with Drones and to see if their is any kit or pre-built out there that does this.Thermal Imaging would be an added bonus.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Mini-UAV-Borne LIDAR for Fine-Scale Mapping

UAV Photogrammetry for Mapping and 3D Modeling - Current Status and Future Perspectives (PDF)

Saw this, maybe its something to check out:

lidar on drone proof of concept video

Hi All!

We Are developing a multi rotor LIDAR UAV and software for mapping and surveying from LIDAR or other point cloud generating hardware.

We will also be developing software to enable the LIDAR data stream to aid in autonomous flight.

Check it out and keep an eye on our progress !

- Andy

Hi there,

Check YellowScan out, a fully autonomous lidar solution dedicated to UAV operation.

You can have a look the the product here:


Just curios what kind of traction you are getting. I sent you an email as well to invite to post your profile. 


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