Recently, here is a friend interested in the LiDAR point cloud and output image.    

    By default, CE30-C outputs a depth image and corresponding intensity data for each pixel in each measurement. Figure below shows the actual scene captured by normal grey-scale camera (upper), the same scene captured by CE30-C and showed through depth image (middle), and the point cloud based on CE30-C’s depth image (bottom, from the observation direct that a little higher than the CE30-C’s position).

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Latest News of Benewake LiDAR

The update log of Benewake solid-state LiDAR CE30 is in the following.

⦁ Datasheet
The latest datasheets and operation manuals are available.
《DE-LiDAR CE30-A Datasheet - V011-EN》
《DE-LiDAR CE30-A operation manual - V008-EN》

《DE-LiDAR CE30-C Datasheet-V010-EN》
《DE-LiDAR CE30-C Operation Manual - V007》


⦁ User-defined ID/IP
⦁ CAN – obstacle avoidance mode:
⦁ User-defined Baud Rate – to match the baud rate of other devices in CAN bus
⦁ User-defined CAN-ID including data ID, heartbeat ID, command ID and config ID – to install multiple CE30-A devices in one CAN bus
See instructions in CE30-A Datasheet, page 10,Chapter 4.1.4.
⦁ Point-cloud IP
User-defined IP address – to install multiple CE30-C devices in one robot
See instructions in CE30-C Datasheet, page 11,Chapter 7.1.
⦁ Wide input voltage
The input voltage used to be 12V DC. Now it is updated to 11-25V.

In case of further questions, please refer to

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