Hey guys,

I had a quick question around mounting a LiDAR on a stabilised platform on a drone to counteract the pitch/tilt of the airframe. I was thinking about a steward platform with some servos however I'm using something like this below and it already sits 5" above the airframe. Would anyone have any idea? I'm planning on flying around 15-20mph and theres definitely going to be some pitch, if the drone comes near an obstacle but can't spot it because if the pitch, then its pretty much screwed, I'd like to counteract this by having it always horizontal. 

In any other case I'd love to make something like the Scanse LiDAR however I can't really work out what motor they're using. I've tried looking for hollow stepper motors as I presumed they were using that, however they're all around 5mm in diameter and no slip ring will fit in those... Would anyone be able to shed light on this too ? :D 

In other details I'm using the SF30/b by LightAware. 

Thanks for any help, really appreciate it!

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Therefore, yap, you need a gimbal. The one (designed yesterday night) on the pictures is based on real SF40 with some assumptions. So centre of gravity is more or less there. Since you are looking for a custom gimabl t can be fully optimized to be lightweight and super responsive, not like a gimbal for cameras. Right now I'm building a gimbal for a camera with exchangeable lenses and it is a nightmare to make it universal-ish.

I'll post 3D files for everyone to use it after it's done.

Ahh forgot! Yes I do have a 3D printer so I'm printing this thing out. Plus I  have a CNC 3D router. You have to have this things if you want be a developer, otherwise outsourcing might kill your dev-ambitions.

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