I am trying to set up a LidarLite sensor from PulsedLight.

I set it up according to the wiki (new sensor, manufactured Feb 2015, interfaced with a Pixhawk)


In the wiki it points to the Flight Data Screen to test the sensor,

but I only get zero as reading in this window.

But if I check in the terminal,

I can see that the sensor is working (see attached file),

so is it working ok? Is the wiki wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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So PWM is the way to go for now it sounds like even with the v2.

Has lidar been tested with 3.3 stable?

Is any one using lidar and optical flow- PX4flow- successfully?
I got the lidar connected via PWM and it is giving readings on the sonar range line.

Do I need to set a flight mode to use lidar or does it automatically over ride the barometer in the flight modes?

the Lidar is used in flight modes which have height control, such as Altitude Hold, Loiter and PosHold Mode.

The data from the sensor will be used until you exceed RNGFND_MAX_CM, after that it switches to the barometer.

Currently Lidar is not supported in Auto Mode.

Thank you, that info helps a lot.

When I read throught the arducopter lidar set page I did not see this important piece of information. Maybe it should be there in one of the highlighted bubbles so it can not be easily missed.

When will Lidar be supported in auto-mode? The obvious use for something like this is to ensure precise altitude control when flying automated grid flights over an area of interest with cameras or sensors.

I have added a note to this wiki page in copter


Thanks, Grant.


I also have exactly the same problem as you had.

My new LIDAR-Lite unit I have received yesterday has no data output.

You have sent your unit to Felix Meissner.

What did he find?

How did you solve your problem?



Hallo Felix,

was war die Ursache mit dem LIDAR von Stephan?

Ich habe genau das selbe Problem. Ich moechte nur wissen, ob das LIDAR Lite eventuell kaputt ist, damit ich es zurueckschicken kann, wenn absolute keine Werte herauskommen. Installation ist genau nach Wiki und als PWM. Ich habe vorher Sonar installiert und es hat immer funktioniert. LIDAR geht nicht!

Stephan hat mir leider nicht geholfen.


Fred in NZ

Hi Fred

(I answer in English so that others can understand it as well if they look for answers)

the sensor was connected to MAIN OUT 5 & 6 - and not to AUX OUT 5 & 6 (which is the correct way for PWM).

Regarding your sensor:

- you have built an adapter cable, including the required resistor?

- you supply 5V to the output rail of the Pixhawk?

- you use AC 3.3 as firmware?


Thank you for the reply, Felix.

I can answer all your questions with Yes. ( 470 ohm resistor)

There is a Zener diode at the rail preventing spikes because I have 5v attached before as a backup for the pixhawk.

That has worked always but could the Zener diode the problem?

Hi Fred

the Zener diode shouldn't cause problem - you could remove it to check - to eliminate it as a possible source of the problem ... but it should be ok.

I attach the parameter file of one of my copters (it has the Lidar sensor installed - and working), you can use the "compare" function in Mission Planner (under "full parameter list") to compare my settings with your settings - to see if a parameter regarding the Sensor is different and maybe causes the problem.

Alternatively you could save your own parameter file and upload mine (don't fly with it, cause all your gyros, compass etc. calibration will be wrong) - but you should be able to see if the Lidar sensor is working (if you get sonarrange data).



Felix, I am going to check the param. but just let me get this absolutely right.

In the first reply to me you write:

The sensor was connected to Main Out 5& 6. --- I assume that was the answer what the problem was with Stephan.

I have used AUX OUT 5&6 as shown in wiki. (WHICH IS THE CORRECT WAY FOR PWM) you replayed.

Could you please confirm that I got that right.

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