I am trying to set up a LidarLite sensor from PulsedLight.

I set it up according to the wiki (new sensor, manufactured Feb 2015, interfaced with a Pixhawk)


In the wiki it points to the Flight Data Screen to test the sensor,

but I only get zero as reading in this window.

But if I check in the terminal,

I can see that the sensor is working (see attached file),

so is it working ok? Is the wiki wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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I was hoping some of you might have more information about what is happening with the Lidar-Lite products?

LIDAR-Lite v2 has been marked EOL.

They were bought by Garmin recently: Garmin® Completes Acquisition of PulsedLight®

Is there any information available about the status of their current and future UAV products?

Thank you,

Best I know, they unfortunately stopped production. It's not clear if Lidar Lite as a product will fit into Garmin's line-up, or if the technology will be integrated into other devices.


this is the answer from PulsedLight:

You’ve contacted PulsedLight Inc’s LIDAR-Lite help. PulsedLight was recently acquired by Garmin International and is working to transfer engineering and production to Garmin.

LIDAR-Lite will be in production again.  Please check our website for updates.

Robot shop was showing V2 as back ordered, still I went ahead and ordered it hoping to get it when it is back in stock. This was quiet a while back. However few days back I received a mail from robot shop stating that V2 is no more in production and garmin is working on V3 which will be available soon.

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