With the advent of drones in everyday life quickly approaching, I like everyone else on this forum have been trying to brainstorm useful approaches for drone use. As a open water lifeguard the idea of a roving eye in the sky is interesting. A drone could provide coverage of rescues in progress allowing an operator in headquarters the ability to accurately assess situations and whether further support would be needed. It could also provide aerial support during missing swimmer searches, a floating body is much easier to see from above and with drowning victims every second counts. It could also be used to survey the coastline on busy days and days in the offseason when there are not enough guards on duty to watch all the water effectively. As a lifeguard and surfer I have little experience with the mechanics and engineering of a project like this but I think that the demand would be there for something like this. I'd appreciate anybody's input on the idea if you think it's viable or not, or if someone's already developed something like this. Advice, criticism, and comments are appreciated and encouraged!

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I think it's a great idea.  Spotting sharks would be my first idea.

Maybe I'll start a company and go pitching UAVs after every shark attack.  Maybe even bait and kill the sharks from the air somehow.  Probably a lot smarter then everyone going out in boats like in Jaws.

Hey Kevin.

I really like your idea ! I am actually try to find something more useful for my quad.

It is a good idea for you to apply them to your work, I hope people with more experience than me reply to your post !

Take Care !

Yes. I have had the same thought as well. I raised it with a local UAV company and they said that the idea was knocked backed by the local council for whatever reason. And this is in a state that was crowned the most deadly place for shark attacks in the world over the last 12 months. So...sometimes the bleedin obvious aint so bleedin obvious.

You've got to play the system, or else you get played BY the system.

I'd just start flying a shark spotting drone.  If they want to stop you they'll have to pass an ordinance against flying RC aircraft.  Next time a shark attack happens tell your story to the news.  I'm sure they'd love to do a segment on how you're trying to stop shark attacks.  After that it should be easy to get some money from the city/state/feds.  If not then every shark attack you do your interview with the news about how effective your system is and how the politicians are letting sharks eat children because they are too stupid/lazy/corrupt/etc..

Now that I think about it... a shark drone is really, really smart.  I've seen shows where fishing boats use small airplanes to radio in where to go to net a ton of fish.  It's really easy to see things in the water from the air.

I think your shark drone should spot the shark, then drop a parcel of shark repellent near it.  That way the environmentalists are happy because the shark doesn't have to be killed and the parents are happy because their kids don't get eaten.  You end up with some good press and the fat/stupid/lazy/corrupt politicians get to take all the credit for keeping the public safe!  

That's win^4

I don't see how that's bringing down the community.  You're entitled to you're opinion and me to mine.  I think if you piled up the instances of corruption and scandal against the instances of a politician serving out his career and retiring honorably you'd be lucky to find more than a couple of the latter and I'd be hard pressed to come up with enough paper to print the former.

Regardless, what I described is standard operating procedure for getting anything done that involves politics.  Usually people get shut down because they don't have a boatload of cash, then they have to stir up a public outcry to get the powers that be to do the right thing.

I'm not airing my political views.  Even if I were, it's on topic because it directly relates to the topic of the thread.  So it's not against the rules, and you don't make the rules here, so if you don't like it then go elsewhere.

I generally like your posts, so I'm sorry that you force me to call you on your abuse of your moderating power.  You can't just dictate policy, then selectively enforce it because you lost in a disagreement with me in another thread.

EDITOR"S NOTE I suspended Jake Stew for general discord and airing political content not conductive to the good of the community. And arguing with a moderator about dictating policy.

We are actually in the process of just that a beach\lifeguard\shark spotting drone.

I think you have to weigh Jake's disruption factor versus his benefit.  Basically, his only contribution is to cause disruption.  I wonder if he even flies anymore.

Wow really? That's awesome dude, I'd like to talk to you more about how your going about creating it. I think that I have some pretty interesting ideas on how you would apply a type of drone like this to the public service sector and see if we have any other similar ideas for everyday drone use in the future.

Ive been working on a way to use my fixed wing drone to spot cobia during fishing season. Right now my issue is transporting my current plane + GCS on a small boat without damaging it, Im probably going to need a different platform.

we were thinking the same thing like a easystar and a big dip net or a net from tower to out rigger

Howdy Kevin,  I am also working on something simalar,  using a Traditional Helicopter platform and a thermal imaging camera

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