Dear All!

The radio link was working between my Arduino and the computer with a lot of noise.  When I moved the Air unit 5 meters away there were significant packet loss.

Unfortunately I tried to configure it from that distance with the 3DRRadio utility which was a mistake.

The utility cleared the "Format" field, and the link never establishes anymore. The green led is just blinking.

Please see the attached screenshot!

How can I reset the AIR module?  or is it completely dead?

Please help me!

Thank you

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Connect air module to USB via FTDI cable and configure with same settings as ground module.

Hi Gabor,

Did you ever manage to get the connection back?

Hi Aslak,

No, not yet. I put it on hold and changed to Orange RX radio to continue my project. 

Do as Marcin recomended. I had the same problem and got the connection back with the Ftdi cable.

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