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I recently converted my quadcopter from APM over to a Linux autopilot, running a recent version off the dev branch (802ced2).  I'm running a Beaglebone Black using Mirko Denecke's PCB design, and followed his software setup instructions here, which should tell you everything needed about my Linux OS configuration.  It is running a kernel with PREEMPT RT. 

Anyway, my flight this morning seemed to be going well until a few minutes into it, when the copter started spinning madly out of control, ending in a spectacular crash. 

Reviewing the log data, I found that 2 seconds of data were missing, which likely means that ArduCopter stopped running for a few seconds.  That would explain the crash.  But it doesn't explain why.  I'm looking for suggestions on what could have caused this failure.

Here is a screenshot out of the log file, which shows data missing from 10:53:55.024 through 10:53:56.943, almost a complete loss of 2 seconds.  Also below there, I've shown a screenshot plotting the altimeter and gyro data, where you can see the disastrous result of this outage. 

Any suggestions on what to look for?  I really appreciate any help I could get!

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@Patrick, thanks for that, I will try and add this to the startup script.

Best regards


Just for future readers like myself...

Following the link to step 28, it does not exist.

Are you talking about step14 the governor settings?

Hi Mike,

yes the software howto is rewritten, step 28 is now step 14.

Best regards


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