Hi Everyone,

just want to highlight our most recent developments on PenguPilot, a GNU/Linux based Multi-Rotor UAV Autopilot.

A Video with horizontal GPS position stabilization and vertical ultrasonic stabilization is avaliable here:

Gumstix Overo and Linux based PenguCopter from Tobias Simon on Vimeo.

The whole control process is implemented in C under Linux (PREEMPT Kernel). The latest source code is available here:


IPC among C and Python processes is implemented via ZeroMQ and MessagePack/Protobuf.

Regards, Tobias

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Hi Tobias,

could you tell approximate hardware setup for Gumstix Overo? It's hard to grasp completely from github repo which hardware you use with Overo. I mean sensors, etc.

Hi Aleksandr,

- we use the 4 Timer/PWM outputs of the Gumstix for motor control using the OMAP3-PWM driver.

- Drotek MPU6050/MS5611 Sensor board is connected to the Gumstix's I2C Bus 3.

- Maxsomar I2CXL ultrasonic Sensor is connected to I2C bus 3 as well.

- LEA-6 GPS receiver is connected to ttyO0 (NMEA output at 115200 baud, 10Hz update rate)

- ACT DSL remote control receiver connected to ttyO2

- Current Sensor connected to ADC channel 7

- Voltage measured via ADC channel 2

- Internal WiFi of the Gumstix für SSH

Cheers, Tobias

robot challenge 2015

gratulation zum gold im air race rennen!

thx :)

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