Just seen this on the Hobby King website


Lipo Battery


Prices seem to good to be true !!  Are they ?





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They are great, and these days by far the most used batteries worldwide.

Just buy a few, i have switched my complete battery range to Zippys and Turnigy Batteries..


Just ordered a few, the Lipo I got here in the uk was £45 and is only a 2100 mah 3s, thats why I asked the question, they seem to good to be true :)

I don't have these new "Nano" packs but, The eariler blue versions are working fine. Mine came with XT60 connectors, or 4mm barrel same as above. (Please cycle your new battery and register them with HC to find any defects in warranty period.)

 I have 2200 mAh 4sl, 2600 mAh 3s , and 3000 mAh 3s, all were cycled and data recored on  a Thunder AC6 charger ( I use eStation software found on RC Groups), 

These new "Nano" technology units should perform much better, but some have been reported as defective. Probably due to over discharge.

If you order one,  let us know how it works out.

Hi Mark,

I have ordered a few, I have a Sigma charger the manual does not explain how to connect to a PC but on the web link for the charger, they say a USB lead can be used with it. Could you point me towards any information about the "chargers linking to PC's", is it only one type of charger you can use this "eStation" with, I did have a quick scan on the RC site, but did not see any relevant information. I'm new to electric flight, used to IC engines on RC planes!

I will post back my findings on the batteries when I have had a chance to use them; I hope they work as well as they look!





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