Hi, is it safe to plug in the lipo battery while i have my APM connected through USB to the computer?


The reason i want to make this is to stop unpluging BESC power from the apm and connecting it to the receiver (and disconnect radio power lines to the APM) each time i want to do radio calibration/setup.


Ive never tried to do it because ive read somewhere in a thread that the APM could fry if you use both power sources (USB + LIPO), but im not sure because the arducopter manual does not says anything about this, instead, there are several parts when they instruct to connect the LIPO while doing CLI adjustments. I just want to go safe and haven't tried it myself.




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I would also like to know if its safe to connect a lipo to the APM 2.5 while running on USB power.

This is the first I heard that you shouldn't do this... I do this!

I have a power distribution board that connects to the output + and - port. I regularly plug the USB in (have to take my Xbee out though) and with the props off, plug the battery in and run tests.

I'd be interested to hear whether this is safe to do.


Found here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/apm25board_overview/

"Warning: Connecting USB when you have input voltages at the high end of the range (near Abs Max) can damage the board. Disconnect battery before connecting USB or test input voltages so they are within the specified range."

"On the bench, you’ll probably be powering the board via your USB cable while you set it up and test it. But in your aircraft, you’ll need to power it with your on board power system, which is usually your LiPo battery going through an ESC or the Power Module. In the case of a multicopter, this can come through your Power Distribution Board (PDB), which will break out the 5V output from the one of the electronic speed controls (ESCs) or the Power module which is wired directly to the battery."

I took from that, it was not ok to USB and Lipo power the APM

...so how do you do compassmot? or the motors test in the CLI?

I was just posting from the information I gathered online, please do not take as fact.

Also found this http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=24592623&postcoun...

didnt mean it like that. i was just pointing out that there are some setup procedures that are impossible w/o usb and lipo unless you have a radio...

Gotcha, I'm still learning but found a ton of useful info on that thread.

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