Just noticed that in Mission Planner version 1.2.76 the Log Download function doesn't seem to work.  I downgraded to 1.2.75 and it works fine.



Clayton Smith

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Me too.

If I select another type of frame ie. Rover or Plane then swap back to Copter it seems to help.

You are right, it's just with the new version.

this should now be resolved

Thanks again Michael.
I'll give it a try.
Always hate mentioning bugs because you do a great job on the MP.
Not this is much of an issue but the Descriptions for all the SR0 & SR3 Parameters are missing. This though may be an update bug. I'll wait and see how the next version comes out.

Just Uninstalled MP, Downloaded new version & Installed 1.2.78 Build 1.1.5004.12827. SR0 SR3 Parameter descriptions are still missing. Just FYI Michael.

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