hi, i have a quadcopter with APM2.6 , and i have a problem when downloading my logs from my APM2.6 through mission planner. whenever i choose 'Nearly ALL' in LogBitmask , the readings of the 4 channels in RCOUT are flat, or the IMU is rubbish, but when i choose either Default+IMU or Default+RCOUT,the readings look fine.whats the problem here ? what should i do to get the IMU and the RCOUT (MOTORS) together i dont care about the rest of the other sensors data thankyou

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The APM2.6 HW is not fast enough to use 'Nearly ALL' option as there is not enough CPU performance. What happens is the scheduler will prioritize flying vs logging, and nothing is logged, but you still fly. Pixhawk can handle a heavier amount of logging.

Can the APM still use CLI to select exactly which logs you want?

You can select exactly which logs entries you want by setting the LOG_BITMASK value in FULL PARAMETERS view in APM  Planner 2.0 and Mission Planner.

see http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/gibberish-data-in-terminal?commen...

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