Hi guys my f450 is now in the air as a test bed for Apm 2.5 and flys extremely well in stab mode !
Now trying to sort out my loiter mode : when I engage it we have a slight dip down and then starts to bounce descending and climbing not too alarmingly , and you can hear the motors pulsing up and down to make this happen ? Position seems to hold but alt is a problem . Any help for a solution is appreciated .


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How is your altitude hold and zAccel graph?
The graph is abit random ! But got some help from another forum Multi Rotor UK and the guy spoke plain English, now know where I'm going and have a Quad that is  loitering nicely and RTH like a dream Pushed my throttle mid point up and upped my mpu6k filter from 0- 20mhz and a bit more tweaking will have a superb machine !

I have a similar problem.  What was your solution?



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