I am starting a new project for aerial mapping and I would appreciate your expertise and advise in order to help me with the development. 

I´m using a Sony Nex camera and a high performace autopilot, together it weights 500gr. My target is to have a more than 3h endurance for large terrain mapping with an electric aircraft. I have checked on the X8 aircraft but I cant find anyone which have flown over 2h. Do you have any ideas on a higher endurance airframe?

Thank you for your help

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Gemini Version 2 UAV flies for about 3 hrs, and would not be bothered by the payload. also has landing gear, and lots of space. 


Come on guys share like Spike has, im sure we all would like to know.

Is Sony Nex camera good enough?

Depends on which NEX they range in Megapixels. Guys have done well from the NEX5 up

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