I want to build a fixed wing drone with the longest possible endurance possible. I'm thinking electric pusher(for aerial video) with solar panels and alternator(s) to charge the batteries. I have very little experience in building fixed wings but have extensive experience with multi and single rotors. And also with aerial video/photography. It can be over 55lbs, since im willing to get FAA experimental licencing for it. Im also planing on using an airport hangar so it should be large enough to be seen by small aircraft such as cessnas. The wingspan should also be around 30-40ft. And if we have to go to a gas motor, it would have to be an aviation motor being able to use AA or Jet-A fuel.

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If were going to go with a pre-made airplane, we could go with something like the ASH 31 7m glider, it has a 7m(23ft) wingspan and that should be big enough for a manned aircraft to see. I haven't looked around very much for 6-7m gliders, but this one is only $6060.95 with shipping, So that should be good. Since its also a glider, we should be able to get a large amount of soaring, especially if we put a retractable motor on it to clean up the airframe. Its also sold as just the airframe, so we'll have a lot of wiggle room for electronics.

Also, I want to make it clear, there will be extensive testing and trials over UNPOPULATED areas before we even think about asking the FAA for clearance. I dont want to give a bad name to the hobby by having this thing fall in the middle of downtown. And id much rather take out some farmers crops and loose the whole thing then give the hobby a bad name. 

Will you send me pics?

Alright, the drone will be carrying a DSLR with 800mm telescopic lense on a gimbal. A forward facing camera. A pair of Ultrasonic sensors to map the ground. Thermal/Infa-red camera on DLSR gimabl. And various other sensors to get us over the weight requirement.

Alright, i did find one that might work, i haven't done a lot of research, but this one seems like a viable candidate so far. 

The glider does not have to stay aloft forever, or even more than a day. It only needs to fly for around 10hours max.

I knew there were some flaws, and some areas im not an expert in. So thats why I posted this thread, so I can have many brains thinking this project over, instead of just mine. And with the people of the internet ready to shine a light on any and all faults in my idea, i decided that this would be the best place to create a rock steady foundation to build the Drone off of. 

Manned aircraft don't have to. Its up to the RPAS to sense and avoid.

Get a 2m ASH 31 flying first, then a 4 then the 7.

Small improvements over time works, going large on day one, not so much.

Unless you have a pilot who has years of experience with autopilots and large gliders you'll be buying that 7 meter plane for a trainer. You'll probably crash it during the first flight and that's about it.

The reasonable way to go is to buy a small foamie for learning and then go on from there. You should be ready to operate a 7 meter plane in a few years after that.

If you really want to fly a large model without going to the gradual learning process you should buy a complete system with training from a UAV manufacturer. Otherwise what you're proposing here is both crazy and dangerous. No reasonable person is going to help you with the project.

That pilot might cost $5000 a day if he's any good. That might well be a cost saving.

Once again, you have completely detached yourself with reality.  Not a single thing you have proposed doing in any of your posts is practical, reasonable, possible, legal, or safe. And you continue to ignore everything everyone tells you.  Why do you even post here if you have no intention of listening to what anyone tells you?

Nothing you build will ever be a certified aircraft.  Nothing you buy to do this with will ever be a certified aircraft.  What you are suggesting is simply never going to happen.

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