I want to build a fixed wing drone with the longest possible endurance possible. I'm thinking electric pusher(for aerial video) with solar panels and alternator(s) to charge the batteries. I have very little experience in building fixed wings but have extensive experience with multi and single rotors. And also with aerial video/photography. It can be over 55lbs, since im willing to get FAA experimental licencing for it. Im also planing on using an airport hangar so it should be large enough to be seen by small aircraft such as cessnas. The wingspan should also be around 30-40ft. And if we have to go to a gas motor, it would have to be an aviation motor being able to use AA or Jet-A fuel.

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I don't believe that for a second.  You are on a hobby forum asking about building the equivalent of a predator drone and getting FAA certification on it to fly around densely populated areas taking video for fun.  Try again.

Thats because the drone is going to be about 1/3 the size of a predator, it also will not have the range or endurance. Its going to be, essentially, a large RC plane. 

But i dont want to risk someone not seeing it and crashing into it. That puts people and the hobby at risk. 

I wasnt going to fly that one first, i know its going to take years to take stepping stones to get to where i can fly a 7m glider safely. But its going to take years to build the drone, so i can train to fly something that big while i'm building the actual drone. I just like to plan ahead, so is that a good airframe?

Im listing to everyone, exept the people who are saying its going to be very expensive(i know that) or it cant be done. Because im going to get it done. Im going to break ground with this project. 

They way technology is going i dont see why not. Its going to happen eventually, and i might as well be the one to do it. 

But the industry is backing away from large platforms as quickly as it can. Once you go large you might as well make it an OPV in order to save yourself all sorts of deployment issues. The USA has more than enough surplus large platforms to set up orbits all over the place for decades to come. They don't have the crews though. I am struggling to think what need this large platform is going to fill? Small French airframes already fly out to 100km legally. Perhaps explain the task and then tout for the best fit solution. 

You would not go wrong getting trying to get a Bixler to fly with an APM first.

Because im going to get it done. Im going to break ground with this project.

No you won't.  Case in point of you not listening.

You can't even get your story straight.

You are in a fantasy land. 

Not to worry.  What you're trying to do is so unrealistic and illegal, the risk is actually zero...

@ P2P

You missed the point (not your usual style ) He IS going to break ground... at the front of his plane on the first flight. unless he takes some advice and starts smaller. 

@matt, No offense meant to you but a lot of people are trying to help you in the right direction. 

Time to smell the roses!

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