I want to build a fixed wing drone with the longest possible endurance possible. I'm thinking electric pusher(for aerial video) with solar panels and alternator(s) to charge the batteries. I have very little experience in building fixed wings but have extensive experience with multi and single rotors. And also with aerial video/photography. It can be over 55lbs, since im willing to get FAA experimental licencing for it. Im also planing on using an airport hangar so it should be large enough to be seen by small aircraft such as cessnas. The wingspan should also be around 30-40ft. And if we have to go to a gas motor, it would have to be an aviation motor being able to use AA or Jet-A fuel.

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You're kind of asking us to design a unicorn here...low cost, long endurance, low weight, etc etc. 

Designing a very efficient plane (from scratch) on that scale you are talking about (65+lbs) takes at least an aerospace engineer, a structures engineer, someone who can do composite layups, thousands of dollars for materials, very strong actuators. Just the actuators alone-- you cannot ask for safety/reliability from hobby servos. If you want aviation quality servos, you're going to be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars per actuator. And IMO, don't even think about using a Pixhawk to fly it if you're flying a 40ft wingspan 100lbs airplane, nevermind taking off/landing at a real airport

Sorry for the no-can-do attitude, but I am trying to give a reality check

You can ask for advice, like which of these two airfoils is better given these are my operating conditions. But to design your airplane,  you need to design an actual airplane. We can't do that for you. 

Start with designing a wing. Buy some good books. Then hire an aeronautical engineer

witch is why where going to do it and make it legal. 

Im going to start small with what im flying, im going to work my way up to a 7m glider and something as complex as this. But this project is not gonna be done in a week. Its going to take years. 

well said

Thats probably becuase the drone is not going to be a 30-40ft wingspan with 10+ hours of endurance. Its going to be a sub-30ft and around 10 hour endurance plane

I mean, you guys. We have cars that have their own licence. We've been to other PLANETS. we have the technology. The hardest part is going to be convincing people that its safe enough to trust. 

The hardest part is the budget

man are you serious or is this a joke?

Start here:


Then here:


I don't remember if it was 16.100  or 16.101, but you will learn about range, weight, lift, etc. You need to know these things if you are going to be designing aircraft. 

I know those things

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