Hi everyone,  today I finished a review on the FPVLR long range antenna system.  This was tested on my 3DR Solo, but they are available for DJI and many others.    I know there has been a lot of talk and postings about extending range,  but I felt I should share what I found after running a few flights.  

The one thing I was nervous about when I flew my Solo was loosing connection.   I now know that wont happen within the area I fly.   So if you want to achieve amazing distance and extremely clear video then check out my review and then head over to FPVLR.  Again this only requires removing the two standard antennas and screwing on the 10.5DBi system.   http://youtu.be/SQ1iCKe9oXw

Take Care
Grandpa Jake

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Thanks! Learning about antennas and this is useful to know!

You are welcome and trust me everybody is learning about one thing or another and I read and watch reviews all the time and if mine help that's great and I truly appreciate you taking the time to say so this antenna has been amazing and they make a lot of others That will work on other equipment have a great night

grandpa Jake

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