I am new to the UAV community and searched the forums quite a lot now. 

Is it true that drones (quadcopters) only have flytime of around 10-15 minutes? 

Isen't there any platforms or setups that gives you longer airtime? 

What is the longest flytime for a FPV copter setup? 



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flight time costs money - how long do you want to fly?

I saw a YouTube video (about a month ago) of a quad flying for more than two hours, but yes, the average seems to be in the 10-15 minute range for most of us.  Flight time is dependent on many, many variables.  A/C weight, battery size, motors and props, flight profile, density altitude - all factor into the flight time.

I realize that. Two hours sounds promising. 

What kind of setup can acquire these kind of fly times and what approximate cost are we talking about?

My hex, carrying no cameras and a pair of 5,000 mAh batteries in parallel will get about 15-minutes of hover time.

To get more time, you need more fuel, which means more or bigger batteries, which are added weight, so you need more fuel to lift the extra weight of the batteries.  (Lather, rinse, repeat). Eventually you reach the limits of the motors and props ability to lift the weight, so you can add motors and props, which adds weight and need more fuel, which adds more weight.

So, there is no easy answer.

But, a starting budget would be about $1,000, and could easily double as your project progresses.

Stephen has right when explain about weight.

Use next calculator in order to compute the time flying, it helps me.

Quad calculator

great, thanks :)

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