I'm looking for an open design that I can mill myself. I have a set of 8 U8 motors to be run with 26" props and I want to design a craft around that. I was thinking of taking a Tarot X4 and replace the stock arms with the arms from a Taror X8. The concern is the center is too flimsy. Are there any center plate design floating around in the ethos that I can mill myself? Thanks!

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  • It's an option definitely worth considering if there isn't a better one.
    I haven't used those boom mounts, but they appear robust.
    I've built a custom 26" quad, based on a Tarot iron man 1000 (removed the + booms) and the centre plates are fine: obviously only half the potential power that an Octo has though.
  • Your suggestion then is to mimic the X4 plates in a thicker material? I was also looking at using these arm mounts. I would just remake the hole pattern to match.

    Auturgy said:

    If you're milling yourself, you could use thicker plate (3 or 4mm)
  • If you're milling yourself, you could use thicker plate (3 or 4mm)
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