I am a drone lawyer at www.dronelaw.pro.  We recently launched "Drone Law Radio"  and are looking for interviewees on FAA Section 333 related legal topics including:

  •  compliance with Section 333, including 200 foot blanker COA limitation, 500 feet from non-participants in flight and beyond line of sight.
  • Compliance with 333 in specific industry sectors such as downtown or neighborhood real estate, rural inspection and agriculture, etc.
  • practical issues related to FAA enforcement and regulation/exemption violation reporting.
  • Other topics related to Section 333 as reflected on our discussions and articles on our Section 333 thread.

Our primary themes are safety and compliance.  While there are a lot of people playing fast and lose with the rules out there, there are also a large number of people working hard to 'do it right.'   We will also be doing issues on privacy, intellectual property protection for Drone hardware and software manufacturers and other UAV / UAS topics.  Feel free to pitch your ideas here. 

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I may be interested, I have filed for the Section 333 exemption and carefully stepping though the process to become compliant once my business is ready.

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