First of all, let me say that I am not an electronics expert! 

I am looking for a relatively easy/straight forward way to have some sort of autopilot/GPS loc status and or control mounted on the outside of the UAV.  my current airframe designs do not allow for easy access to the internal autopilot bay with out disassembly in the field.

I am hoping to be able to confirm operational status and GPS lock from looking at either led's or even a small LCD panel on the exterior of the airframe somewhere. I know it comes up on the GCS, but some sort of on board confirmation would be great.

Anyways, looking for ideas on how to get the status lights that blink on the AP board to blink on the outside!!



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Hello Darryl,


Would something like this help you?





Hi, this is a very good idea. ki is something that also happened to me over the head. an LCD display on the exterior as an old phone. nokia 3310 for example would be ideal and very cheap.

I think the most simplest way is just unsolder blue led on GPS-module and connect non-smd led with long enough wires.

Thank you for the quick replies.  I thik that the idea that Martint showed will work great for the basics. Eventually a display would be the crowning achievement, but for now a few flashing LED's will work for me!


Thanks for the ideas and comments. It's what makes this a great place to learn.



I wonder if an e-ink display wouldn't be better, since it only uses energy when it is changed, so it would not need to use energy during most of the flight, during which the display is unlikely to change much....

Spark fun has them. It is not lit, of course, but do you really need it to be? Also easy to read outdoors.


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