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    Had my Quad fly off yesterday, and after 6 hours of searching in the wrong spot, a call for some people across the road from the crash, helped locate it up a tree :)

    Flights had been going OK, I was testing loiter stability in high wind, which was all good, until it suddenly went into a rapid flight to the north, then stopped, and flew rapidly south, it did not respond to my inputs at all, then plummeted into the top of a tree.



the questions are, what triggered the RTL?

why was the RTL so violent?

and what happened towards the end of the flight where the vcc jumps by a volt...

I am assuming the vcc jump was caused by the battery plug coming loose, looks like GND came through the telemetry GND wire, causing it to melt and fail. 

My assumption at this point is that the telem wire was all that was keeping things going for the last seconds of flight.


it is also interesting that the .kmz log stops quite a distance before the point of impact....


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Found the key cause, the XT60 plug pins have no spring left to them, battery plug was Very loose. I must have damaged this at power up....


Hi, a nice find and good story...

How does the current go from your telemetry module and back to your battery, entering from the APM interface ground wire? I have always only connected telemetry radios with just one ground wire. (OSDs are a different story. They are connected to TV transmitters that need power connections too ..)



The antenna ground was against the battery ground, so when the plug came out, power went through the telemetry module....

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