still there and i'm sorry for that but i'm really newbie... My quad rotor won't found so that i made a new one. I use the same receiver and transmitter to control it and same batteries but all the other parts are new, esc, motor, frame, power board, apm board, gps and so on... Now i get the same problem. When i yaw to the left or to the right the motors loss power and the arducopter go down but after that it try to get power quickly, so i get an up-down like yo-yo only when i yaw. If i don't yaw AC fly but yaw to the right and if i try to correct it with transmitter i get the power loss... Could be the battery? or the receiver?



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use a battery with higher C rating ;)

you mean 2 x 25C 4S5000 is not enough.. ?   It climbs stubid crazy... :)

i think i will buy a mikrokopter or a multiwii... i don't like to spend so much money and time to get nothing... thanks to all your replies.

good luck

Ok.. More test... changed props from 12x3.8 to 10x4.7      Much much better...

Flies great...  Everything works better... very stable... no change in alt with Yaw...

Only problem.. Not much vertical power but enough for my needs...

Changed to 11x4.7   problem came back but not as bad... Added weight and it went away...

12x4.7 are will work with a very heavy copter.. I guess I will just 4 x 4S5000 on board and take a lil trip..

the motors are 3020 600kv...  I bet smaller motors would help also.. as these bearly get warm.

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