I tried a mission again and it looked like it was following point1 and 2 but after that it was just drifting away. I was wondering, what happens if a mission takes the arducopter out of range, will it abort and just go its own way? Atleast it did not return to home.. Gonna go look for it tomorrow, i have to find it cause that video should be pretty interesting.(yes i had my htc desire onboard filming, and i can still call my phone but i havent found the copter, very dense forest.)

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Its kind of funny, I have no idea what happend..it moves around like nothing like the route i made. Then suddenly it goes pretty fast straight forward passing the little forest in the middle of the field where weve been looking 10 hours atleast for it..over 4-500 meters across the road and into a big hill and the treetop :) From there it sat nicely filming the road and at the end you can actually see through the branches in the corner of the video us walking down from the road and down to the field to look for it..pretty strange :)

Im pretty hyped that the phone and sdcard could be alive still after 2 months..this was about 25 august..and i found it today..and its been raining ALOT since 25 august.

I tried to connect the apm and i could connect, the gps was working, it showed the location of my house :) I connected to terminal and tried to get the logs but it said "no logs" :(   Then it suddenly stopped working after switching from flymode to cli mode.. But i was able to upload the new firmware but still it wont show any instruments etc onscreen. Im gona let it rest for a while, might be best to let it dry completely, though i have no hopes of it working again.


Im uploading the vidoe to youtube now..

Here it is, lookin fine :)

I've got to ask - What is the hammer for?


joining 2x6meter planks :) for trying to push it out of the tree.. but ended up climbing up there.

Heres the video, the props and wind from them disturb the picture a bit.



great that you found it!  unbelievable actually

wow...  thanks for posting the vid.    

Grats for finding it! A tip if you didn't already know: you can use an app called "Plan B" to locate your phone even after you have lost it by remotely installing it through Android Market website.

I found out about plan b the day after the battery on the phone was out..i could actually call the phone for 2 days. Then the battery went out and i had the simcard blocked..

Btw. plan b isnt 100% as intended, as I understand you need to have a android market account with the phone registered in the account to push the program? So if you never logged on to android market and linked the phone to the account plan b wouldnt work. (correct me if im wrong)

You have to have a Google account linked with the phone (the very first thing the phone asks to do when it's powered on). After that you can log in to Android Market website and it will "know" your phone. Now, if you don't have a Google account but you have an Android phone :)

This is definately a miracle...

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