Good morning all,

 I can't wait for OSD integration for APM anymore, I'm going to buy a Remzibi! I lost my AC2 the other day in very strong wind, and I figure a good way to save hours of stress and worry would be to record the FPV video at my ground station end and simply play it back and read the last Lat/Long coordinates to narrow the search.

Having a big crash like this unplugs batteries, so I can't just use my FPV goggles and guess where it went.


Can anyone advise what piece of hardware would be best to plug into the Video out of my Video receiver?

Don't really want to use USB capture for a laptop, as it just gives me more stuff to carry around.


There must be a small, portable, dedicated video recorder that I can get?


By the way, any advice to give me more pitch control to fight the wind would be appreciated!


thanks to all


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Oh wow, what a video! Scary to watch it keep climbing. Did you lose contact with it, or did you just decide to give up after it drifted way out of the park? Anyway, glad you got it back!

Yeah, man it was an unpleasant morning. I was fumbling around trying to put it into RTL mode, but doubt that would've been able to allow the pitch enough to fight into the wind. I lost sight of it behind the trees, spent about 3 hours looking for it. Had FPV set up on it, kept getting ghost signals, but turns out it was interference. The video TX had become unconnected in the crash. Bloody lucky eh?

Are you the Aussie that was having trouble setting up the APM at the same time I was, probably a year or so ago now?

I had similar the other day, I decided to ditch it after about 10 seconds of it just drifting off. The thing to do in that situation is get it low asap then you can at least fly it home. I ended up flying mine into someone's front garden near the park. The real problem is that I could have hit someone (as you could have). These things are very very dangerous - like flying lawnmowers! Bigger open spaces and weather reports, guys :)

Could have been, I'm always having some kind of trouble with my quad! A year sounds about right though, I think I got my APM/oilpan back in May.

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