No wind here this morning, did my pre flight check, all was going well then lost my front prop mid flight, the Ardu fell out of the sky from about 8'. I did damage to 2 props a motor and a motor mount, no more flying today.

Need to keep getting up, much need flying time required before I put my camera on the Ardu.

Hope your all having a good flying day.

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I am in the same position.  If I can trust the bird, I can put a camera on it.  I had the same thing happen this weekend.  I am running a hexa and was running fine for about a half hour, then at about 60' alt, it flipped and went into the ground head first.  The prop did not break in-flight, it spun off the top nut.  Now, I am back in the repair business. 

The fact that I was flying around for 30 minutes says that everything was fine, however I don't check prop tightness everytime I land.  My problem with the setup is that 3 of the 6 blades are turning clockwise and all of the threads to tighten the props are tightened with clockwise rotation.  That means that the 3 turning in CCW are not in much danger of coming loose from rotational forces.  The CW props are all in danger of this happening..  I hate to put lock tight on the threads, but maybe that is what I have to do.  I would rather have a CCW tightening top nut on those props. 


Anyone have this issue

Yep, exactly the same thing, the nut came off the top of the motor shaft, it hit the floor pretty hard, did 2 props, 1 motor and a motor mount, all in all £42 + vat, all parts will be with me tomorrow and it will take me an hr or so to sort it all. I'm the same i don't trust it just yet + i need to gain more experience. 

From now on i will be checking props on every land + i think i'm going to start using thread lock on certain parts.

I am not ready to put the Sony NEX on the quad just yet, last week i flew for a good amount of time and all went well. This weekend she fell out of the sky after about a minute.

That's why I like these types of prop mounts.  They use 4 screws to hold the "pedestal" to the motor.  The best part is that there is no exposed shaft to bend.

They look great, 

I was thinking the exact same thing.  Check always and thread lock.  Not sure if I want the thread lock, but I haven't been taking the props off as much lately.  So it may be a good idea.

That is a good idea.  I am running a 880KV.  Do you know if I can  get them and where?

These prop adapters will work, but you need shorter shafts.  You can also just push the shafts down so they extend out the bottom of the motor or trim them.

The  website is slower than slow, and their free shipping takes a month.

To convert a motor, you need the prop adapter $1.99

New Type 2830 Prop Adaptor MA-02

And new, shorter shafts.  Easy way to replace the bent ones.  $.99

Ф3.17X30.8mm Motor Shaft For 2830-14-50

You can also get replacement bearings for $1.

Or, you can just start mixing in new motors that come with the above items for $14.99.  Just ask them to wind them for 880kv instead of 750k or 1000k.   They will custom wind if you ask.

I have a mix of the two types of prop adapters on my quads with no ill effect.

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