I just came across the following news article on the BBC Scotland site, and thought it might be worth re-posting here in case it belongs to someone here. If anyone else knows of a more local forum, please feel free to pass it on.

Police in Grangemouth are trying to reunite a remote-control model helicopter with its owner.

The item was found on Friday 1 November at about 17:00 on the foreshore of the River Forth near Bo'ness.

The kit, thought to be worth a three-figure sum, contains a four-engined helicopter and an attached high-definition camera.

Police believe the operator lost radio contact with the device and may have thought it plunged in to the river.


There is a photo of the operator in the linked article. Hopefully the owner can be re-united with his drone.

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I can confirm this Quad has been returned to its owner.

About this man I know it's too late but do you have a gps tracker now or something like that?

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