Low Cost, High Performance RTK Module from Tersus


We are a new company in the market who make high performance and low cost RTK module for drones.

Please take a look and if you are interested, we can arrange a demo for you.

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I didn't mean to store the raw text files directly, binary format is the way.

So what is the status of this system? Are you logging the positional data for post processing? Have you made any changes since you last posted? I noticed the range is currently 1 km is this due only to the radio being used? Could you increase the range if you use higher power radios?



I want to know it also....

Yes, I'd like to know is radio interchangeable with RFD900??

Dear everybody,

Just out of curiosity, we have purchased both models so we could compare against our Novatel's OEM615 solution.

Despite the fact that the people working on the company are not to be found in linkedin and/or the universities/projects they claim, and the fact that the sites they mention in Switzerland and California look rather strange in Google Street View, and the fact that tersus-gnss.com was registered for just one year, we proceed with our tests.

The BX303 model uses the uBlox's receiver and looks like it performs kind of a connection between the rover and the base station (so is reported on the User Interface). The precision is far from acceptable for our purposes, but it might be good enough for UAV's. At least it is still better than any single-GPS without correction.

The BX305 uses Unicorecomm's OEM board (UB351), which should be equal or better than Novatel's. The User's Manual found in Tersus webpage explains a small protocol to configure and parse a small minimum amount of NMEA-formatted data. The manual found in Unicorecomm's webpage (in chinese) gives a bigger set of commands and logs. Among them, the 'authorization add' command, which brings us closer to what Novatel (and the rest of trusted providers) do for being able to activate the reception of data. For the moment, we have not been able to receive a GPS data/RTK-corrected position.

Of course we have asked the provider what the workaround could be but at the moment, we are back to square one: GPS/GNSS L1/L2 receivers are expensive, high-end RTK algorithms and binary communication protocols top it up. Maybe uBlox's M8 plattform gives us some differential GPS correction, but they are still far from high-end.

And this will be our last test for cheap L1/L2 GPS/GNSS RTK alternatives. We give of course, Tersus the possibility to redeem themselves but, looking at their English grammar, the low quality of the documentation and the lack of validation certificates, we do not hope the best.

Hope this is useful, I apologise for the small rant.

Hi guys,

I have access to the l1/l2 tersus boards, and have been evaluating them recently.

the ardupilot driver ive been working on can be found here


At this stage i've have just been car testing, as the weather here is bad at the moment.

logs here


so far everything looks as it should, I just need to put it in a plane and do an actual flight test.

ive managed full rtk fixed without any problems, feeding in rtcm 1005, 1004, 1012


hi gps_profi


from the link, you can see lot's of our information over there. like many startup company, lot's of things need to be fixed (branding, marketing, docs, support), we are no except.

In a nutshell, we are working seriously toward to an affordable L1/L2 board to the UAV market. As you know, it's huge work to do to finish the L1/L2 baseband and RTK engine, and also the User interface. hopefully the BX316 board is working in the lab, some trail customer are using the board. and also the BX315 and BX303 board are shipping to customer everyday....

If you have any feedback when using the boards, just drop lines to describe the bugs, field report, or any non-workings to us.

Thanks Michael for sharing this!

yes, its uart interface. can interchangeable with any radio with UART interface.

the radio distance is highly dependent with the RF radio power. if you use some high end radio, and tune the power to 10W, then you can go 5-10km+ usually.

For GPS L2 of Precis-BX305, does it use L2C or L2P(Y) ?

its L2P(Y).

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