Low Cost, High Performance RTK Module from Tersus


We are a new company in the market who make high performance and low cost RTK module for drones.

Please take a look and if you are interested, we can arrange a demo for you.

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As a follow up they did respond to my emails 9 hours after I sent it and answered all my questions.

Mr337 said:

Email sent to both addresses.

TersusAdmin said:

just drop me an email at info@tersus-gnss.com or li.yang@tersus-gnss.com; I promise you will get reply within 12 hours.

Mr337 said:

gps_profi, have you had any luck getting Tersus to support your issues? I'm currently looking between a Hemisphere setup and the Precis X305. I've emailed the sales email and reached out to them on twitter and have heard nothing. I'm a bit scared plunking down $2K when I can't get any response pre-sales.

gps_profi said:


A Linkedin page is not going to impress us. What we were looking for is accurate documentation, troubleshooting guidance and responsive e-mail support. Do your have any email contact except sales@tersus-gnss.com?

As I said, we are having trouble with the BX305. The receiver cannot even see any satellite despite being outdoors. when retrieving the BESTPOS log and "ERROR" field appears and the GPRMC log, second field shows a warning.


Hi Tridge, 

How do I go about requesting a driver for the SBG Ellipse D?

Andrew Tridgell said:

We'd be more than happy to add a driver for the native protocol of your receiver if it has one.

@ Mickael OBORNE

Hello,  Could you please detail how to setup tersus bx305 for it be recognized as NOVA GPS ?

Michael Oborne said:

Hi guys,

I have access to the l1/l2 tersus boards, and have been evaluating them recently.

the ardupilot driver ive been working on can be found here


At this stage i've have just been car testing, as the weather here is bad at the moment.

logs here


so far everything looks as it should, I just need to put it in a plane and do an actual flight test.

ive managed full rtk fixed without any problems, feeding in rtcm 1005, 1004, 1012


Hi all,

Is anyone has already tested this RTK solution with PX4 firmware ?

It seems that PX4 only support L1 with Ublox M8P, is that thrue ?

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