I seem to remember a discussion about the need to oil the motor bearings every 6th flight.


I was on the phone with 3DR about another subject and when finished I said  "oh by the way"

blah, blah, need to Lube? and the answer was yes, I will send you the directions. 

I did not receive the information as of 2 weeks later.

How often to do oil the bearings?

with what oil?

and how?

Decades ago I built anemometers for a research project and calibrated them in a wind tunnel. I found that

it was better to run the bearings dry as it did not collect dirt as well. The bearings were very lightly loaded

so it seemed to work. It seems to me that when I fly and apply vigorous attitude adjustments the bearings are sufficiently loaded to require Lubrication.

Can I get a witness?

How about, how often and the technique.

Safe landings



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That's good info, but it doesn't state what type of oil.
WD40 can harm bearings; it's so thin it can wash-out existing oil. Higher viscosity oils can gum up, especially in the cold and collect debris.

I'm gonna say this is a good start. Buy this oil and apply to the shaft of the iris motor. 


Whoa. We are supposed to oil our Iris+ motors?
This is the first I've heard that. Looks fairly straightforward based on the video, but please update if or when you determine how often (every 6 flights seems a lot) and which oil to use.

I've never done it. This is the first I've heard of it but it makes sense. I will call and ask the company, stay tuned. 

Hi Guys,

One topic that has been completely inadequately covered in this group is motor lubrication.

We use tiny little bearings and in multicopters, the bearings used are not even actually designed for a thrust load.

They are Conrad style pressed bearings which work best for a radial load, but are sub-optimal for end loads.

And since our multicopters literally hang from these bearings, our primary load is a end / thrust load.

And lubrication is a very individual subject, some of the brushless multicopter motors actually have "permanent" lubrication with side seals on the bearings.

Basically you can't lubricate those even if you want to.

Most of them use an ABEC or ABEC style / compatible bearing which are used in a whole variety of applications, the best are German or Japanese, and many Chinese ones are garbage.

The correct lubricant is extremely important, and varies with load, rpm, bearing size and RPM.

And there is almost no information available.

Top quality synthetic lubricants are best, but viscosity and additives are also very important and vary greatly for each bearing, bearing size and bearing application.

MOS2, Teflon (PTFE) additives and polymer based lubricants are probably best for our use.

I use a bit of "SuperLube"  myself which is a thin greasy polymer based lubricant with PTFE additive.

It can be applied with a toothpick and for our use you probably only need to do it once every 30 or 40 uses.

Unless you are using it in wet or dusty conditions.

Actually if you are using it in dusty or gritty conditions, you may need to actually clean the bearings with a gentle solvent and relubricate them periodically, our little bearings really don't like fine grit.

Sadly, even this advice is woefully inadequate, way too little actual information is actually available in relation to the importance of this subject to us.

Best Regards,


I hope someone officially from 3DR responds to this because I would like to know the facts. If this is the case, shouldn't this be included in the documentation? Just by purchasing the Iris+ are we supposed to "know" to do this. I am a little frustrated if this is true. Hopefully someone can respond/resolve this issue because now I am worried...

I received an email from 3DR today asking for pictures of my flights.

In my return email,  I also asked that they please address providing lubrication instructions

to the IRIS users.

Thank's for this discussion, what I do is to dis-assemble the motors, clean magnets with contactmatic or/and alcohol and use this grease for bearings http://www.henkelna.com/product-search-1554.htm?nodeid=8797899587585 I put the bearings in a recipt all night then I clean them outside and re-asemble, once a year, perhaps I have to do more often?


Once a year.....how many flights is that?

How old are the motors?

Do you find a buildup of material attracted to the magnets?

what is the climate you live in?

Great information.


Mine isn't an Iris, my motors are cheap Turnigy and I fly in dusty conditions, When I open the motors I found dusty with grease on the magnets, thats umbalance them too, I look the forum were I posted an inside photo and post for you.


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