I seem to remember a discussion about the need to oil the motor bearings every 6th flight.


I was on the phone with 3DR about another subject and when finished I said  "oh by the way"

blah, blah, need to Lube? and the answer was yes, I will send you the directions. 

I did not receive the information as of 2 weeks later.

How often to do oil the bearings?

with what oil?

and how?

Decades ago I built anemometers for a research project and calibrated them in a wind tunnel. I found that

it was better to run the bearings dry as it did not collect dirt as well. The bearings were very lightly loaded

so it seemed to work. It seems to me that when I fly and apply vigorous attitude adjustments the bearings are sufficiently loaded to require Lubrication.

Can I get a witness?

How about, how often and the technique.

Safe landings



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Good point Ben, with a half decent prop balance the bearings are just rolling along without much stress at all which answers why my rattly old cheap crappy motors are still running fine, theyve had play in the bearings for a year, if they had a fair operating load theyd have eaten themselves by now. Oh and I run them at around 16500 rpm.

I guess there is no problem with the acetone contacting the windings.

I do believe acetone is a laquer thinner and isopropyl alcohol is a shellac thinner. On the 2 occasions I've felt a need to flush a motor out I've used any old aerosol service cleaner I've had to hand thii8s is when a model has been lost in a field for 2 months. These model motors aren't exactly precision pieces of aerospace engineering made to the tightest tolerances, my personal opinion is leave them alone you wont extend its life by trying to service it probably more likely reduce it by distorting bearing caps and seals if they have them allowing muck to ingress etc. If its an expensive motor just change the bearings periodically and it'll more than likely work forever provided you dont overcook the windings.


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