Since updating Mission Planner (Windows) to 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 I and a number of my associates have not been able to complete Mag calibration. 

The new dialogue box appears when selecting Calibrate, and it rotates in sympathy with the APM 2.5/6. But no matter for how long you work it the calibrate routine does not complete.

If you abort the Calibrate routine and check the APM2.5/6 against a real compass the two tally. APM 2.5/6 is correctly indicating the points of the compass.

This issue has only arisen since 1.3.2 onwards.

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This issue has been reported on GitHub.

can you please post a tlog. so I can see why its failing

It isn't failing ... simply isn't completing.  One of the lads has collected a tlog but cant post here. I'll pop it up in a while if he sends it to me.


Here attached is a tlog 

This is what he did to get the log:

Had a look at post on DIYdrones and as they are asking for TLogs i thought i would grab some .

uninstalled MP -> deleted MP folder -> fresh install of MP 1.3.3 .

Started MP and selected live calibration .

Done the compass dance again much to everyone's amusement, i generated 2300 log entries and it would still not complete .
So i quit the calibration and went in search of tlogs , as it was a fresh install there was only one tlog , Its 2Mb in size , if i export it to a text file it becomes 12Mb



Your not alone.  I'm having the same exact problem with 1.3.2 .... I had almost 5 thousand data points and finally gave up.

This issue is now being tracked with the developer in GitHub here -->

Another with the same issue. Tried firmware erase and reload, as well as the beta copy for mission planner that is available with in the app itself. +3000 data points for me with no luck.
To get flying, Uninstalled mission planner and loaded the APM Planner, mag calibrated perfectly.

Yes.... I have the same problem with my pixhawk v2 and mission planner 1.3.3 after update from 1.2.2. From apmPlanner2 works fine.

... all day i was thinking that i killed my two APM boards :)

same thing on APM 2.5.2 amd 2.6.


I am using MP 1.3.3 and I just tried calibrating the external compass on my Pixhawk equipped rover using the telemetry radio and no matter how many times I go around each axes, after I hit the "done" button I get a message that says "not enough data points".

Also the rotating display data points have gone from just single pixels to small blocks.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Over 7,000 data points and no joy.  I stopped when my arms gave out twirling a hex!  tlog attached


I've installed previous version 1.3 and all ok.


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