Since updating Mission Planner (Windows) to 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 I and a number of my associates have not been able to complete Mag calibration. 

The new dialogue box appears when selecting Calibrate, and it rotates in sympathy with the APM 2.5/6. But no matter for how long you work it the calibrate routine does not complete.

If you abort the Calibrate routine and check the APM2.5/6 against a real compass the two tally. APM 2.5/6 is correctly indicating the points of the compass.

This issue has only arisen since 1.3.2 onwards.

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I have had a better upperbody work out today than I've had in a few years twirling and dancing with a 15 lb quad! 3000+ points and an almost solid sphere, really!

Is anyone working on this or should we all go back to 1.30?

Could I get those with errors to test the current MP beta.

help > update beta.


and report back if it works and what your calced mag offsets are.

I will test the Beta if you like, where can I find it?

Post a link please!

beta = "help" > "update beta" inside MP

Ah, now I see!

Thank you Michael!

I'll let you know!

Okay guys!

Loaded Mission Planner "beta" and did a compass calibration, it collected 2050 points on a 15 lb Quad and continued boy am I pooped! the sphere was well populated but it still showed the dreaded needs more points message. I just can't wrestle the damn thing any more! I have included the tlog file.

Thank you for your help, I have faith that you will find the bug!


ok new beta pushed again. that fixs a + vs - issue on calcing the centerpoint of the sphere.

ie it should be fixed. once someone verifys I will release a new MP normal version.


anyone feel like testing?

New install of prod version, then update under help/beta. At approx 600 samples, more data needed went away. Ran it up to 700 samples, clicked done, and new offsets are -125 -34 44.
Board is ardu 2.5


Nice work!

Glad to see that you got the Michael's fix proofed out!

There is a MP 1.3.4 available now and as an update.



It works!

Nice job everyone!

Now, back to work for me!

This is now fixed as of Mission Planner version 1.3.4

Thank you to the developers for getting this fixed so quickly. Awesome demonstration of Open Source benefits at work.


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