I just cannot calibrate my magnetometer. Should i buy new 1.  Before this it works very fine. Hope for some advice.

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     Some more information would be helpful.  For example:

              - which magnetometer you're using (sparkfun or diy drones)?

             -  how have you connected the mag?  directly to the oilpan or via a cable?

             - if you're using the sparkfun mag I hope you're using a level converter (as suggested on the wiki).

             - if you're using a cable have you correctly plugged it into the "no gps" port?

             - have you checked that all the soldering is ok?

             - have you crashed recently?

     Anyway, as mentioned on another thread, you're not getting values back from the mag so it's likely a wiring problem or a fried mag.

Hi Randy,


Thanks for reply. Im using drones mag connected using cable. My mag works nice before a small crash. Is there anyway to check a fried mag???





Hi - I had the same problem and cured it by fitting a new mag.  New one worked first time.





     yeah, sorry i didn't answer your question in any more depth.  In my experience, if you do the wiring and your mag is ok, it'l work.  If you mag is fried there's nothing you can do but get another one.


Hi - I had the same problem......  the replacement worked first time !!


Hope this helps.




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