Map Calibration using Affine techniques -

Has anyone out there done any work on map calibration using 3 or more known points on a paper scanned map, or a Google Earth map? As you know, you cannot use a google earth map directly as it is a spherical map, and grabbing a map via google maps is a pain. If you have developed accurate calibration algorithms I would love to discuss these with you - We have done a lot of work on this but there are still some oddities - It is not as simple as it appears to be at first glance!


The Nampilot.

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  • Hi Joe,

    I'm a big fan of the OziExplorer software - rely on it for all my mapping during field work periods.  This is not a UAV application obviously and may not provide sufficient accuracy for your purposes. Well priced and versions for Windows, CE, Android and a 3D version that I've only noticed this morning.

    Crudely, the software requires you to geo-label a minimum of 3 locations on the nase map or image (photo).  Once image 'calibrated' then you are right to go mapping. Images / maps can be stitched and indexed.

    There was a Czech fella that used the real time mapping function to track his UAV.

    Get in touch if you want further info.  It might be worth having a chat with Des Newman who is the guy who has prepared the package.

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